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the technical advantages of DAMPTAC Shock Absorbers


Jun 25, 2018

DAMPTAC has many technical advantages so DAMPTAC products work better than other brands.
1. More energy absorption 
    Compared the same thread and stoke of shock absorbers with other brands , DAMPTAC has much more eneygy  absorption. it is due to the enlarged piston and strengthened inner tube. So, in some application, you can use DAMPTAC smaller shock abrobers to replace other brands's larger shock absorbers. It means you can save installing space and save more money.
2. Wider range of effective weight
    Due to the precision-engineered adjustable orifices, DAMPTAC has wider range of effective weight than orher brands. It means even a small DAMPTAC shock absobrer can even be used in the application with heavy duty. 
3. Extended life time
    Due to the hadened and wearable guidance system and excellent  oil seals, DAMPTAC shock absorbers has longer ife time than other brands. The standard shock absorbers's life time is up to 5 million and the special shock absorber such as PET series is up to 20 million.
4. Side force protection
    DAMPTAC standard shock absorbers is designed with ability  to protect side load impact.  In the same application with side load but without additonal  side load adaptors, DAMPTAC shock absorbers can resist the side force and so has a longer life time than other products.
5. Wide variety of threads and strokes
    Some application you need some special threads or strokes due to some reasons, for example, installing space limited. DAMPTAC has a wide variety of threads and strokes. So, just ask DAMPTAC, you are sure to find the product you want.