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Servo Motors

Low cogging torque, high power density, high dynamics

DAMPTAC has a wide range of servo motors, reliable performance, and unique and diverse types, designs and functions. The powerful and sturdy motor combined with the IndraDrive system enables you to achieve standard and high-end applications in modern factory automation, ensuring intelligent, highly dynamic, accurate and reliable processing results. Special explosion-proof properties comply with ATEX or UL/CSA standards and complete a wide product portfolio.

DTS Series: DTS0601 - DTS0804

Low inertia rotary servo motor
Rated power: 0.34 - 1.25 kW
Rated speed: 2000 - 10000 r/min
Rated torque: 0.4 - 3.13 Nm

DTM Series:DTM0891 - DTM1854-F

Middle inertia servo motor
Rated power: 0.51 - 24.8 kW
Rated torque: 1.4 - 77.7 Nm
Rated speed: 1500 - 9000 r/min