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Linear Motors

Simple structure, high synchronization quality, low self-weight, fast acceleration, high power

DAMPTAC Linear Motors is a transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear kinematic mechanical energy without the need for any intermediate conversion mechanism. It can be seen as a rotary motor cut in radial direction and developed into a plane. DAMPTAC linear motors have a simple structure, suitable for high-speed linear motion, high primary winding utilization, no lateral edge effects, no unilateral magnetic tension problems, easy adjustment and control, strong adaptability, and high acceleration.

DTU Series:DTU15-52 - DTU50-129

Ironless linear motor
Peak thrust: 70 - 4170 N
Continuous thrust: 19 - 840 N
Maximum speed: 5 - 6.6 m/s

DTT Series:DTT48-42 - DTT131-47

Iron core linear motor
Peak thrust: 102 - 5875 N
Sustained Lift: 57 - 2800 N
Maximum speed: 4.4 - 36 m/s