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Drive Control

Move, position, control, vitality, efficiency, precision and speed, Detek meets your imagination for perfect servo motors, servo drives, controllers and speed reducers.Our products include servo motors, direct drive motors and more. All Detek's products are the result of technology and experience, with unparalleled high reliability and perfect features.Our excellent technical capabilities and deep experience have allowed us to not only provide standard products, but also provide unique customer customization solutions.
Servo Motors

DTS Series: DTS0601 - DTS0804

Low inertia rotary servo motor
Rated power: 0.34 - 1.25 kW
Rated speed: 2000 - 10000 r/min
Rated torque: 0.4 - 3.13 Nm

DTM Series:DTM0891 - DTM1854-F

Middle inertia servo motor
Rated power: 0.51 - 24.8 kW
Rated torque: 1.4 - 77.7 Nm
Rated speed: 1500 - 9000 r/min
Direct Drive Motors

DDR Series:DDR1151 - DDR2009-L

Direct load connection
Zero Backlash and Load Compliance
Rated torque up to 1700Nm
Rated speed up to 1000 rpm
Linear Motors

DTU Series:DTU15-52 - DTU50-129

Ironless linear motor
Peak thrust: 70 - 4170 N
Continuous thrust: 19 - 840 N
Maximum speed: 5 - 6.6 m/s

DTT Series:DTT48-42 - DTT131-47

Iron core linear motor
Peak thrust: 102 - 5875 N
Sustained Lift: 57 - 2800 N
Maximum speed: 4.4 - 36 m/s
Servo Drivers

Servo Drivers DTD Series

Continuous rated output current 1.5A-30A
EtherCAT Communication Technology
Hiperface DSL single cable support
Leading parameter auto-tuning function