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Damping Control

make your machine quiet and stable

DAMPTAC industrial hydraulic shock absorber as a mature standard series, widely used in the automotive industry, industrial robots and automation industry. Based on the original dynamic thermal energy conversion technology, DAMPTAC industrial hydraulic shock absorber makes the machine run faster, more stable, more productive! At the same time, the same size of the buffer, DAMPTAC has a higher energy absorption, the use of a more stable performance and longer service life! High cost performance is superior to other brands of our biggest highlights!
Standard Shock Absorbers

DTK Series: DTK1007 - DTK3650

Energy capacity 
5.5 Nm/Cycle to 692 Nm/Cycle 
Stroke 7 mm to 50 mm

DTS Series: DTS0604 - DTS3650

Energy capacity
5 Nm/Cycle to 490 Nm/Cycle
Stroke 6 mm to 80 mm

DTA Series: DTA4225 - DTA64150

Energy capacity 
650 Nm/Cycle to 12,000 Nm/Cycle 
Stroke 25 mm to 150 mm

DTD Series: DTD85-50 - DTD115-250

Energy capacity 
250 Nm/Cycle to 18,500 Nm/Cycle 
Stroke 50 mm to 250 mm
Blow-Molding Machine Products

PET Series

Ideal for Stretch Rod and Mold Applications 
UP to 20 million cycles 
Reliably and Cost-effective
Hydraulic-Gas Complex Buffers

DHB Series: DHB64-50 - DHB360-400

Heavy-Duty Self-Compensating, Optimized Characteristic 
Energy capacity 
0.5 KJ/Cycle to 470 KJ/Cycle 
Stroke 50 mm to 400 mm

DTH Series: DTH65-25 - DTH180-1000

efficient energy absorption 
Energy capacity 
2 KJ/Cycle to 720 KJ/Cycle 
Stroke 25 mm to 1000 mm

DSC Series: DSC90-50 - DSC275-1200

Optimized Characteristic 
Energy capacity 
3.2 KJ/Cycle to 932.6 KJ/Cycle 
Stroke 50 mm to 1500 mm
Hydraulic Dampers
Nitrogen Gas Springs