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The German DAMPTAC brand was founded by Kollek, a hydraulics technology expert. Mr. Kollek’s father was an early technical expert in the military industry and has long been engaged in the research and development of buffer damping technology. Many years later, Kollek's father and son transferred to the industrial sector. Based on rich experience and professional technology, Kollek and his son launched a new series of buffer damping products for industrial applications. The performance parameters and service life are far higher than the existing products in the market, of which the original built-in lateral force protection The function is to achieve the world's leading level, so Kollek and his son created a new industrial brand - DAMPTAC.
DAMPTAC industrial hydraulic shock absorbers are popular with customers due to their excellent cushioning performance, long service life and high cost performance. As a result, DAMPTAC began to develop rapidly since its establishment. The market has expanded to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Japan, India, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries.
In the mid-1990s, Mr. Kollek and military industrial technology experts brought together Germany's leading servo control technology and products for DAMPTAC to gradually improve the DAMPTAC product line.
In 1999, it launched the medium and low inertia servo motor series;
In 2005, the direct drive motor series was introduced;
In 2008, launched the servo drive series;
In 12 years, the linear motor series was introduced;
With the advent of Industry 4.0, the demand for servo systems has become more and more extensive. Tegent develops and supplies components, modules, custom solutions and services related to transmission, control and motion.
We not only develop specialized designs but also include integrated, cross-technical designs. By integrating cutting-edge technological advantages, German experience and a strong sense of responsibility, DAMPTAC offers the most sustainable and powerful drive and control solutions.